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Irish School System

Hullo folks, my name is Tabitha. I'm an American (gag), and my husband and I want to move to Ireland, preferably in two years but who knows how long it might take. But first, I need information! That's why I'm going to ask a few questions, particularly this time about the Irish School System. Hope y'all don't mind...

1.) How is the school system broken up? In America we have Elementary and High School.
2.) Are there school counselors? If that doesn't ring a bell, the basic idea is someone who encourages good class choices, helps you look at colleges and decide what's right for you, and generally gives you advice and listens to your problems.
3.) Is there a website you can direct me to that gives information about getting a job at an Irish school?

Thanks for putting up with my questions... There will probably be many more to come in the future.

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