Nightmare's Whisper (nightmares_fear) wrote in baileathacliath,
Nightmare's Whisper

And now for something completely different!!

This will definitely be worth seeing!!

Street Performance World Championship

Venue: Merrion Square

Ireland's first Street Performance World Championship will take place in Dublin's Merrion Square on August 5th and 6th. This free, two-day event will gather some of the most extraordinary acts from across the globe to perform in Dublin, competing for the title of 'Street Performance World Champion'. 

The finalists include:

· The Space Cowboy who juggles fire and knives on a 10-foot unicycle, while blindfolded and only using one foot
· Eccentric Canadian Mike Wood who catches catapulted cabbages on a spike on his head
· 'The Piano Juggler' who will thrill you with his art of playing classical music on a piano using juggling balls instead of fingers
· The award-winning mime Pedro Tochas, whose antics never fail to raise a smile

These are just some of the astonishing and original performers, taking part in 40 free shows, over two days. A select panel of expert judges will select the winner and at 7pm in Merrion Square on August 6th one performer will be named 2006 Street Performance World Champion.

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