Not-so-Satin Doll (ladyj_79) wrote in baileathacliath,
Not-so-Satin Doll

We'll give it a go

I am a current grad student at Catholic University in Washington DC finishing up my MA coursework. As part of my program, I'll be spending next fall in Dublin interning in the Dail, taking classes at UCD, and hopefully engaging in some sort of meaningful cultural exchange...which I hope means meeting entertaining new people, telling bullshit stories over cheap pints in non-eurotrash pubs, and drunkenly singing any song but whiskey in the jar. Something like that. I'd like to get a jump start on this whole 'meeting people' thing so as not to arrive as the sad, lonely, and friendless american girl--because that's depressing and boring!

Care to befriend me? Literally, if not livejournally?
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