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internet in Ireland

Hello all.
I'm going to be in Dublin for 9 months starting September, and will need internet use in my apartment for online courses.  However, most places don't seem to have this listed as an amenity.  If anyone knows anything about lettings:
Do most places have internet, but don't list it?
Would it be possible to acquire internet (through purchasing a router or other like means), once I'm there?

As an aside: what does the term "rent allowance not accepted" imply? 
Is sub-letting ever used (most places seem to require 1-year leases which would mean paying 3 months rent for nothing), or would it be seen as extremely odd and/or not allowed?

If anyone knows the answers to these, thanks so much!
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Most places don't have internet. They may not even have a phone line; it's common enough to have the line disconnected at the end of a tenancy. There'll be a connection fee, and it'll take a couple of weeks before you have the line up.

Internet tends to take a bit longer. There'll be a bunch of different internet options depending on where you end up living. If you read through some of the threads on
you'll get a feel for which ISPs suck least. (They all suck at least a bit :-) )

Subletting is unusual, but might be allowed. If you have to leave after nine months, you could:
- try to agree a nine month lease with your landlord (easier in a shared house than living on your own, I reckon)
- take the year's lease and, eight months in, apologetically give the landlord a month's notice. The second one's a bit rude, and the landlord will keep your deposit unless you're very lucky.

Rent allowance is when part of your rent is paid for by the local health board. Shouldn't affect you. Google for 'rent allowance ireland' for a bunch of discussions about it.

Hope this helps.

If it's only going ot be for a little bit, you might sign up with 3 or Vodafone for their 3g USB dongle that plugs into th ecomputer. I've heard good things about it (no, I don't have one).

All ISPs in Ireland suck. Also know that there are plenty of places in city centre that cannot get DSL. The Communications Regulator sucks as well (I'm allowed to say that, I said it in a meeting with them).

You could also look into Fon or getting a subscription with a hotspot company (eircom do them, as do o2). You could always also scan for networks once you get into the apt and see if there's one you can piggyback on, or see if a neighbor would let you use theirs in exchange for cash.
Wow, for a comm that looks abandoned those were quick responses. Very thorough, too. Many thanks.
I found a flat in the end whose landlady is a computer programmer, so her internet connection ought to be as good as it can get!