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Belated intro

Totally didn’t realise one had to announce one's presence on these things, mucho apologiso. I feel extra cheeky having already replied to someone's blog.
Anyway, that translates as; sorry, my bad, and I am:
Smaraic, 23, of the female persuasion, true blue (Glasnevin most of the time) but interloping in Oztraylia at the moment.
Homesick to my guts most days of the week but I combat this with a heady amount of alcohol consumption, getting drunk, imbibing spirits, heading out on the lock and having the occasional wee tipple.
Not a bad trip so far.
Got interested in the community as a way to keep up with all that I’m missing as well as some of the reasons I left. Similar to other post-ers when I wanted to go where everybody would know my name I often propped up the bar at the Liars Club (Fibz), Bruxelles and other such ilk. Also an aspiring writer but lately I do a lot more aspiring and a lot less writing (read: am usually too drunk to type/hold a pen and bend people’s ears philosophizing and opining why Melville & Hemmingway can eat my shorts and just who would kick whose ass were it to come down to a game of Scrabble between me and that gobshite Joyce.)
Anyway, that’s me and I’ll be posting here from time to time.
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